Below is Ting Ting

He is 12-years-old and has a condition that results in him not having elbows or knees that can bend very far. However, this doesn't stop him. In his mind, nothing is impossible. The first time I saw him he was not even one-year-old and was told he would be in a wheelchair forever. Now he runs around the home and paints like a child prodigy that no one can keep up with. Ting Ting's style of art is usually realistic and traditional. 

Below is Lin Lin

Lin Lin is 11 years old. Despite his physical disabilities he is one of the sweetest people I know. He understands everything you say but is trapped in a body that doesn't allow him to interact and communicates in the way he wants to. He creates original artwork that is fresh and inspires the other kids.

Below is Dong Dong

Dong Dong is 13 years old. Although he suffers from cerebral palsy he always has a smile on his face. Dong Dong is able to think outside of the box which is something certain kids can't do. Weather it's a cake outlined in blue, or a Santa with a green mouth, it's always amazing.